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interested in carrying our pies?

This experience takes us back generations, reminding us of the last time we had that piece of pie and how we felt after taking that first bite.


Natasha's Pies are handmade with lots of love and care. Over 1.5 pounds of pie with crumble topping, fruit filling that is not too sweet, and a flaky crust. We use “only” the ingredients necessary for the delicious pie.


We have been offering wholesale opportunities for the past 4 years and have had great success with our local grocers and shops.


We deliver the pies to you once a week for your customers to enjoy. All pies are frozen with preparation instructions, ready to bake!


We offer all pies for a wholesale cost of $11 per pie, with the suggested retail price between $15-$16. You will be marketed on our website and through our social media posts as 'where to find Natasha's pie"


We hope to offer your wonderful customer our delicious handmade pies.

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